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[Jul. 5th, 2009|02:25 pm]
I'm sitting here at home on a Sunday afternoon in a nightgown drinking liquorice tea. My fish have been fed and my shrimp are happily munching on a salad leaf. My biggest concerns at the moment are two, what do I want to eat for dinner and whether I should start attempting to breed my bettas.

I've recently returned from spending two weeks on holidays where I left the city during that time. It was wonderful and such a great escape from my everyday life. Of course I managed to gain weight during that time but I'm back and determined to regain the nice shape I had in December last year. Ideally I want to be back at that stage next December but it might be unrealistic given how much work it took me to get there in the first place.

I moved my horse to another stable area in early June before my holidays and he's now staying outdoors. He ran off twice the first few days but now seems content staying inside the fence. I rode him in the new area for the first time yesterday when my cousin invited me to ride with her and stop at her home close by where we could grill hamburgers. My horse was amazing, he didn't bat an eyelid at her two dogs running back and forth and between the two horses. We rode into the sea and he was slightly nervous but handled it like a champion. We rode into the town and he couldn't care less.
This is the FIRST year since I got him that I feel we're both able to enjoy riding outdoors in company without being stressed out. The fact he NEVER twitched with the dogs running around amazed me so much. I finally feel we've reached a stage where I can start actually enjoying to let go a little and just enjoy the scenery and riding out. Not just riding inside arenas because that's where he's calm.
I think we've both matured and I can also tell that he enjoys the company. It also helps me relax because I know I can always ask for help if he gets bolshy.

Then my horse and my cousin's chomped down grass from her garden while we grilled hamburgers. My boyfriend also came. It was so nice. I truly enjoyed myself yesterday. :)