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The boyfriend's daughter is staying with us this weekend. I was going… - ..:: far away ::.. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[May. 29th, 2009|04:37 pm]
The boyfriend's daughter is staying with us this weekend. I was going to do some cleaning but left it at doing the dishes and some other minor things. Me and the bloke are going to need to do a second spring cleaning. He did the first after I breathed fire one Monday afternoon before I met the kid and we spent weekends seperated. Thankfully he learnt a lesson. :P

Thinking about it, it feels like quite a long time since I met his kid now. Does time fly or am I just lost in time?

I went to look at shrimp today and the guy in the fish store showed me some Taiwanese shrimp he got that are super cool. He's keeping them off the shelves and seeing how they fare, apparantly they're difficult to keep and require high heat. In a way another heater won't make a big different to me, haha! I'll see what happens. :)

I only came home with a small filter meant for a 25L shrimp tank I've ordered and should get this weekend. I've currently got my shrimp in a vase but I don't like it plus the risk of some nasty things happening is too high. I want a filter and more ground to keep plants and decorate. :)

Yesterday I did a 100% water change for my Veiltail Betta, Castro.
Today I removed some gunk from the shrimp and added more and fresher water. Then I did a 100% water change for my Crowntail Betta, Mordor.

Tomorrow I am aiming to do a partial change for my sorority. I added some guppies to the tank expecting murder and mayhem but so far they're all happy. Apart from me who is mad to watch the guppies tear up my precious HC!!! :P